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Registered: 02-01-05
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I guess i won't be playing as Mr.Player or LastXile over the summer... damn 56k..  :(  . we enjoyed scrimming against NBK the last couple days.. its been fun.. i'll be around next school term, in the fall. 

We switched names cuz we wanted to be unknown for awhile and we are setting up a server..

But i'm going to be absent from this game for a summer so i figure why not just let you know who you were scrimming against..

cuz D-$ asked us during the scrim how we heard of them and how come he has never seen us on his server before.

and the answer is cuz we've been using Mr.Player, Lt.Dan, and Sgt.Sukit

Anyways, its been a pleasure playing with all of you.. and i'll definetly stay in touch somehow.. i'll jump on occationally if i can find a comp with CoD and high speed internet..

BTW.. shoot Sgt.Sukit/UnseenXile and Lt.Dan/ForgottenXile in the head for me whenever you see them on.


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05-13-05 11:07 AM

Registered: 12-07-04
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DUN DUN DUN! You guys are a lot better than I expected :o

Fun playing with you :D


05-13-05 11:33 AM

From: San Jose, CAnnibusifornia
Registered: 04-26-05
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you say your going to playing coduo next semester lol.. time to move on man cod2 will be out by then :)

for rent.....

05-13-05 12:10 PM

Registered: 02-01-05
Posts: 22

iCEMAN wrote:

you say your going to playing coduo next semester lol.. time to move on man cod2 will be out by then :)

oh yea.. forgot about that.. :)   maybe i'll get that... we shall see.. if so i'll see you guys there

Are you a {poon}{tang}{masta}?

05-13-05 01:44 PM

Registered: 04-18-05
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Take care Mr. P(layer).

05-13-05 02:53 PM
Lt. Dan

From: Chicago
Registered: 02-25-05
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I didn't get to play the first scrim because of a final, but the second one was a lot of fun.  Hope we can do it agian sometime, even if it's CoD2.

I should be around for most of the summer, woohoo for DSL.  And if it's alright we might be asking you about setting up a server, mostly things like changing settings and speaking through console remotely.  It won't be anything big, mostly something for us to mess around on, so it's not like we'll be taking away players.

Anyway, see you all around.

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05-13-05 07:16 PM

From: Im unseen damnit!
Registered: 05-13-05
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Aye the first scrim was really fun.  Much better than any open server game iver played in a long time. 

Sgt.Sukit will be around over the summer.  just prolly wont play as much.  Unseen wont return till the rest of the clan is in action.

Have you mastered the {poon}{tang}?

05-14-05 10:27 AM
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